Startup Talk #2

Feb 12, 2019 14.30 - selesai

Kenanga kedatangan anak anak muda praktisi dan pelaku startup keren lho.. Wajib daftar untuk ikutan ya.
About The Founders:

Farid Naufal Aslam
Farid was the CTO of a Bandung-based design studio Monoponik from 2012 to 2014, while he was still reading a degree in Business Management in Technology and Informatics at the Telkom University. In 2015, he established, an e-commerce platform for fishermen. was later incorporated to transform into a fishery tech startup Aruna.
Aruna wins Gold Medalist ASEAN ICT Awards 2018 and Winner of USAID Fishackathon 2018 as well as many more local tech startups competition.
Aruna has raised an undisclosed seed funding from UMG Indonesia with company valuation around IDR 70 Billion – IDR 100 Billion.

Aris Hendrawan
Aris is the co-founder of Prestani, agro-tech startup. Not only does it provide a digital platform to produce more effective and efficient supply chains for farmers, but it also creates a business program and capital. Prestani clients such as Unilever and others some big companies with its valuation around IDR 20-30 Billion.

Ogy Win
Ogy is the co-founder of Perawatku is a senior home care technology platform connecting seniors to the best quality of care on demand. The platform uses a proprietary matching engine that pairs seniors with the best care professionals for their needs in real-time. In 2016, Ogy, among others, 11 startups from Indonesia compete in International Startup Conference in Istanbul.

Taka Liwungang
Taka is Partner of Visio Ventures, early-stage startup ventures. Taka is an entrepreneur, business consultant, public speaker, and author.
His latest career as a Chief Marketing Officer for Agung Podomoro Group. Taka graduated from the University of Sriwijaya & learned Corporate Strategies at Harvard Business School & Digital Marketing from the University of Toronto.